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Welcome to our first installment in our troubleshooting series that deals with the iPhone 5C running on iOS 8. This new software version of Apple for its mobile devices aims tro bring several improvements and features however it also has a downside to it. Many people who have upgraded their phone software are experiencing several issues with it. The problems may range from weak Wi-Fi, disconnecting bluetooth, poor battery life, and dropped calls among others. It is our task to help owners of the 5C resolve these issues. If you own an iPhone 5C or any other iOS device...Continue reading »

Verizon Wireless, otherwise known as “Big Red,” announced yesterday that the new HTC Desire 612 smartphone will be added to its line up of mid-range devices. It will be made available today, October 9th, for free as long as the owner is willing to sign a new two-year contract with the provider. HTC Desire 612 is actually a beefed up version of HTC Desire 610, which AT&T offers to its subscribers. Hardware specs of these devices are similar except for the design and the screen resolution. Desire 610′s design resembles that of the company’s...Continue reading »

The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has recently been spotted at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website with the FCC ID A3LSMN915A, which of course reveals the model number SM-N915A. All communications devices that will be marketed in the U.S. will pass through the FCC for approval and further testing. This is going to be the final stage and once all tests are passed and the bureau approves the device, the manufacturer as well as retailers could start selling it. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Key Specs Display: Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 1600...Continue reading »

HTC just made official it’s new device, the HTC Desire EYE. At first glance at the technical specs it is obvious the company is trying to compensate shortcomings of One M8, especially its camera. But aside from that and a bit smaller battery, everything is the same. While the company unveiled the device after weeks of rumors and leaks, it hasn’t disclosed its price just yet. However, a French website gave us an idea how much Desire EYE would cost. Nowhere Else posted that the phone will become available in France by the end of the month and it will have a...Continue reading »

Welcome to our first troubleshooting article dedicated to the iPhone 5 running on iOS 8. We have dedicated this entire post to this type of problem since we have been receiving several emails from our readers seeking assistance regarding the issues that they are facing with their iPhone 5 that they recently upgraded to iOS 8. As we already know, Apple recently released the iPhone 6 and with it also came iOS 8. I’m sure the company made extensive testing of this new software on the new iPhone however for its older phone models it seems that not enough testing was done....Continue reading »

Samsung is reportedly gearing up to release Galaxy A5 alongside two other “A” devices. The company introduced its first A phone back in August bearing the name “Alpha.” It is clear now that the device was released to make way for other smartphones under the same moniker. Samsung Galaxy A5 is a mid-range device with a frame made out of aluminum like the Alpha. Its display measures 5 inches with 720p resolution and as expected of a Samsung device, it uses Super AMOLED technology. Performance-wise, A5 can compete with other mid-range smartphones...Continue reading »

Welcome to the fourth part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the iPhone 4S. Despite showing signs of age, as seen by its recent performance under the iOS 8 software, this model is still pretty solid with a lot of people around the world still using it. In this part we will be dealing with some of the latest issues that that have surfaced surrounding this models, especially those that appear after the recent iOS 8 upgrade. If you own an iPhone 4S or any other iPhone model for that matter feel free to send us an email at [email protected]...Continue reading »

Back in August, South Korean manufacturer LG Electronics revealed the existence of a mid-ranger LG L Bello. On Monday, September 29th, the company officially launches the new phone in India and at first glance it is crystal clear it sports the same form factor with the company’s flagship, LG G3. LG L Bello comes with a 5-inch display and dual-SIM support, although it has a variant that supports one SIM only. For a price of Rs. 18,500 (or around US$300) it is almost certain the phone will become a sensation in the country considering it packs more than average specs...Continue reading »

If you are one of the millions of people around the world who waited in line to get an iPhone 6 and got a unit then congratulations. You are now a proud owner of the latest Apple smartphone and quite possibly one of the best iOS devices out in the market today. As you bring your new phone home the first thing you will want to do is to set it up so that you can use it immediately. This guide will show you how to properly setup your phone and will also help you avoid some of the common problems several owners have with the device. The first thing you will want to do is...Continue reading »

Welcome to the third part in our troubleshooting series concerning the iPhone 4S. You may think that since this is an old model there’s not a lot of people using it. In fact, there are quite a lot of 4S users out there which just goes to prove that not every iPhone user upgrades their device as soon as a newer model comes out. As the device ages owners will usually see several issues arise which they haven’t encountered before. This is where we come in. We try to help our readers with any issue that they may have with their mobile device. If you own an iPhone 4S...Continue reading »