ABC Evening News Anchor Diane Sawyer Respnds to “Drunk” Rumors

Posted on Nov 8 2012 - 9:40pm by Travis

There has been much speculation since election night as to whether or not ABC Evening News anchor Diane Sawyer was drunk on air during the ABC coverage of the election. What began as what was interpreted as “slurred speech” grew into a full on Twitter hay day that the anchorwoman was drunk for the coverage. Sources, though, say otherwise.

It has largely been debunked as a rumor, with sources saying that Diane Sawyer was actually very overworked. Due to the fact that Sawyer is said to be a workaholic, and the fact that her schedule was jam packed because of the election, what viewers were seeing was a woman just plain exhausted.

The source goes on to say that “It’s someone who was overworked because they do care so much about trying to put on quality coverage for the viewer and I think that it’s a symptom of her being a workaholic, not as many on Twitter defined to imply an alcoholic. That’s just crazy.”

The source goes on to claim that her schedule has been so tight she has not even had time for a drink, which further makes the claims of her being drunk even more flimsy. “Had there been any issue with Diane they [ABC] would have known, and that would have been a big part in their story.”

In fact, alcoholic beverages were not even allowed in the newsroom on election night.

It has long been known that Diane Sawyer will neglect getting rest because she is so busy reading up on the news, reporting and studying. This has been her work ethic for years, and anyone who works those sorts of schedules might understand how draining it can be. Add the general pressure of reporting on the election to millions of viewers, and that could make one seem quite distracted during a broadcast.

Source: Business Insider





  • susan mattes

    Diane Sawyer is nothing, if not a class act. I make a point to watch her newscast each night, and she has always been one of Americas favorite women in television news. Keep up the great work, Diane. Election night would never be the same without you!

  • eloise

    baloney. jake tapper and the other young reporter guy laughed when the camera went to them over her behavior and then quickly put on poker faces cause it seems to be well knows that she is a lush. she keeps her job because of her looks and she’s been around for so long. this is jessica savitch territory which is really sad. she needs to go to rehab.

  • Jackie Lemmink

    No one needs to work that hard. This is disgusting. Let’s share her job and get more people to work. Share! Stop the glorification of busy!!