Alien Message Probably Imbued In Our Genetic Code

Posted on Apr 3 2013 - 5:56pm by Giancarlo Perlas

genetic code

The DNA is made up of series of codes that define a living creature. The genetic code present in it dictates the development, function and the structure of a creature. A slight alteration of it can either result to a whole new being or a creature with different traits.

The theory that the DNA is a coded message from our maker or makers is no longer new in the realm of science because it has been discussed in various scientific papers in the past. One notable author who discussed it extensively was Zechariah Sitchin in his Ancient Astronaut Theory wherein he proposed that humans and possibly other creatures are works of a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization called the Annunaki. His research was based from his own interpretation of ancient Sumerian texts and even from our very own modern religious books like the Bible and Quran.

In an article from Discovery News published last April 1, scientists with the names Vladimir shCherbak from al-Farabi Kazakh University which is located in Kazakhstan, and Maxim Makulov from the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute suggested that the DNA is similar to a designer label of a manufacturer.

Their hypothesis goes way beyond Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and it strongly supports the panspermia theory. Panspermia, coming from the Greek words “pan” (all) and “sperma” (seed), says that life on earth may have been the result of seeding by a master intelligent being. In other words, that supreme being may also refer to the Biblical “God” or gods of ancient scriptures.

Citing shCerbak and Makulov’s scientific journal, Discovery News stated that the code embedded in the DNA of all creatures on this planet is made up of complex mathematical and semantic languages. The scientists said that the codes remain constant over cosmological timescales. Thus, the genetic coding presents a very effective storage for an intelligent signature.

However, the news source further explained that in order to determine whether there is really a code that possesses the designer label of our creator, the patterns in the genome must be statistically significant and must contain intelligent-like features that cannot be explained by any known natural process.

In the latter part of the authors’ journal, they went on to discuss that the human genome possesses a very accurate form of orderliness in terms of mapping between the DNA’s amino acids and nucleotides. From here, they said that the way it is presented and arranged somehow reveals a collection of arithmetic values and symbolic languages. These include the presence of the abstract symbol of zero, logical transformations and decimal notation. In their words, according to Discovery News, the patterns are so accurate and systematic that they emerge as a result of a nontrivial computing and precision logic.

The scientists concluded that the genetic code looks like it has been made outside the realm of our solar system billions of years ago which is similar to the theory of panspermia. The concluding statement of the authors can also be related to Sitchin’s ancient astronaut theory wherein the author stated that our code is a proof of the fingerprint of a god or gods.

Source: Discovery News