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Sony has given the tablet world a very good competition. it has set really high bars when it comes to tablet hardware with it Xperia Tablet Z. The company...Continue reading »

If you are into internet security or network security, then you would be well aware of the fact that there was an event today at the CanSecWest conference...Continue reading »

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We all know that technology is playing a major role in education these days. And this does not only mean schools, colleges, universities and the like....Continue reading »

National security is something with the topmost priority in some many nations. This is given a lot of importance no matter what. The federal bureau can...Continue reading »

If you use Google Chrome for Android on your smart phone or tablet, here is a good news that you will love for sure. The Chrome Beta app for Android got...Continue reading »

Google has this awesome competition in a couple of days called the Pwn2Own. If you are a hacker, or a security professional, you will most probably have...Continue reading »

Its been a while since the Canadian smart phone manufacturer, BlackBerry, released its new BlackBerry 10 platform to the market. The company had very...Continue reading »

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user, here is some good news. Microsoft is working on releasing a major update to the platform in the holiday season of this...Continue reading »

We have been reading a lot of news and rumors about the all new Samsung Galaxy S IV that the company is supposed to unveil in a few days. But did not...Continue reading »