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On Tuesday, Tesla Motors saw their stock spike to $129 a share after a fall to $115.60. The company’s luxury electric cars have come under scrutiny...Continue reading »

The detective drama “The Killing” has had a tenacity that Netflix has noticed. Many fans were disappointed upon learning that the series would not...Continue reading »

No student wants to think about the possibility of not being accepted to a college or university because they need financial aid. George Washington University’s...Continue reading »

JPMorgan Chase & Co have found themselves neck deep in legal battles with United States regulators over mortgage bonds, and have tentatively agreed...Continue reading »

In his testimony in State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Tuesday, actor Alec Baldwin faced his stalker Genevieve Sabourin, 41, in court and talked about...Continue reading »

When student loans or other federal college aid don’t seem to cut it, or if the potential student is not looking forward to a lifetime of debt, many...Continue reading »

Black Friday has, for many consumers, been something of a holiday for years. People wait at the front doors of shopping centers through the night, trying to be the first to enter the doors and get those coveted low prices. But, with shopping seasons extended, especially with more and more online options, many are starting to ask if Black Friday is becoming obsolete. Not...Continue reading »

Both the film version of “Thor” and “The Avengers” have been tremendously successful on the streaming media service Netflix offers, and with Netflix...Continue reading »

The number of Chinese students coming to the United States for college is growing more and more each year. Not only are they seeking financial success...Continue reading »

For Wall Street it is looking like 2013 will be a forgettable year for markets. While this can be seen as good and bad, what it does mean is that while...Continue reading »