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Kids of the 80’s will remember the Richard Donner directed cult classic The Goonies. This film is about a group of teenage kids who find a treasure map...Continue reading »

David Letterman announced this Thursday that he will be retiring from CBS’s “Late Show” by 2015. This comes two months after rival Jay Leno stepped...Continue reading »

The preview of Vogue magazine’s April issue shows Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the cover. The celebrity couple finally gained the approval of editor...Continue reading »

Products don’t have to be necessarily useful to become best sellers in the United States. Those who refuse to believe this fact should check out our...Continue reading »

The Simpsons is an adult oriented animated sitcom created by Matt Groening that first aired in December 17, 1989 at Fox and is currently the longest running...Continue reading »

Ellen DeGeneres might have scored a big win over her epic selfie photo that became the most tweeted photo ever but that photo is considered tame compared...Continue reading »

You see them on the runway and even in fashion magazines. But that beautiful woman that you may be admiring might have been born with a male reproductive...Continue reading »

Did Michael Jackson have a son that the public didn’t know about? A 31 year old man named Brandon Howard says he is the son of the late singer and he...Continue reading »

The 86th Academy Awards which is also called as the Oscars is happening this March 2 and as early as now a lot of people are making their predictions as...Continue reading »

Last year a viral video from Pepsi Max, called “Test Drive”, had professional stock car Jeff Gordon take a car salesman in the most terrifying ride...Continue reading »