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Products don’t have to be necessarily useful to become best sellers in the United States. Those who refuse to believe this fact should check out our...Continue reading »

Last year a viral video from Pepsi Max, called “Test Drive”, had professional stock car Jeff Gordon take a car salesman in the most terrifying ride...Continue reading »

A video that has recently gone viral shows a young man on the passenger seat of a stranger’s car witness a mafia-style murder. Everything is a prank...Continue reading »

One of the greatest mysteries in the universe is how to understand women. Throughout history many brave men have tried to do so but failed. Even today...Continue reading »

Can elephants eat iPhones? Perhaps. I’ve never seen an elephant eat an iPhone before; and I imagine that, if an elephant were to eat an iPhone, it would...Continue reading »

The Christmas season brings out all sorts of insanity inside of consumers and customers. People lack patience when standing in line for over thirty minutes,...Continue reading »

  According to recent reports in the tech world and Apple, Cupertino’s latest 7.9-inch tablet is gobbling up the sales from its bigger brother,...Continue reading »

Hinds (center) looks relaxed and happy as he mingles with friends high above Wisconsin. The Corkman said that he would continue to update reading »

De Brun: UCDSU man promises a showdown with Kylmore reps in what SU insiders say will be a decisive moment in the cheap-coffee fightHumour— UCDSU...Continue reading »

TCD, DUBLIN — Desperate leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin has resorted to pleading with Bob Geldof and Al Pacino in a last ditch...Continue reading »