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When speaking about Harrison Ford a few of his memorable characters always pops out instantly such as Han Solo or Indiana Jones. The little known characters...Continue reading »

An evening at the cinema with your other half is a date night classic that just never seems to get old. While the popcorn, Coke and Maltesers go without...Continue reading »

Kids of the 80’s will remember the Richard Donner directed cult classic The Goonies. This film is about a group of teenage kids who find a treasure map...Continue reading »

The 86th Academy Awards which is also called as the Oscars is happening this March 2 and as early as now a lot of people are making their predictions as...Continue reading »

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures have released the first official full length trailer of the upcoming movie Godzilla which now provides more...Continue reading »

It may not be the highest earner, but the latest Walt Disney Pictures’ computer-animated 3D musical movie entrant “Frozen” is displaying an auspicious early output to become listed among the leading film releases at the holiday box office. Based on early estimates, the fairy tale is likely to join “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” in this...Continue reading »

Both the film version of “Thor” and “The Avengers” have been tremendously successful on the streaming media service Netflix offers, and with Netflix...Continue reading »

The “Ender’s Game” film is hitting theaters, and many are worried that the author of the book for which the film is based, Orson Scott Card, may hurt the film. For years now, Card has been a vocal opponent of gay marriage, and since the release of the film adaptation of the famous science fiction novel, an online petition has been released by the LGBT community...Continue reading »

It has recently been announced that Oscar-winning writer Michael Arndt dropped out of “Star Wars Episode VII” and that a new writing team has...Continue reading »

It has been over two decades since the original “Beatlejuice,” and while talk of a sequel has always been something of a hopeful dream, it appears...Continue reading »