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Verizon has just officially launched its new and improved 4G LTE network called XLTE. What this does is it offers an improved bandwidth which in turn maximizes...Continue reading »

Almost everyone knows Archie Andrews, the freckle-faced high school student who has been appearing in comic books since 1941. He is surrounded by equally...Continue reading »

At what age must a person be before he or she can be charged with murder? 18? 15? Apparently even a 9 month old baby can be charged with attempted murder...Continue reading »

Darth Vader wants to be the next president of Ukraine promising to restore the country to its former glory. The Sith Lord who has been a popular protester...Continue reading »

His name is Guilherme Leão, a subway security guard in São Paulo, Brazil. He is also voted as the hottest guard in a recent poll where he got 18,624...Continue reading »

A new law was introduced in North Korea two weeks ago that required all men in the hermit country to sport hairstyles similar to that of their supreme...Continue reading »

Amazon e-book customers woke up this Tuesday morning with unexpected cash in their inbox. The money came from a settlement between some of the largest...Continue reading »

Federal prosecutors announced that two Florida men have pleaded guilty to charges of pirating more than 1 million Android apps. Nicholas Narbone, 26, and...Continue reading »

Classified files revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden shows that the National Security Agency plans to control millions of computers worldwide...Continue reading »

Another day has passed and still we are no closer to solving the mystery of the missing flight MH370. The plane was last seen on March8 as it left the...Continue reading »