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No student wants to think about the possibility of not being accepted to a college or university because they need financial aid. George Washington University’s...Continue reading »

Even though tuition prices are on the rise, Michigan State University officials have been spending lavishly on a variety of questionable endeavors. Now,...Continue reading »

While the majority of Americans appear to agree that the overall value of online colleges has risen over the years, many still seem to doubt its quality...Continue reading »

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How exactly does one weigh the benefits of going to college when compared to its costs? Does one look for significant income increases within a 5-10 year...Continue reading »

In an announcement today, Ohio Northern University revealed a new initiative to lowering student debt by cutting its own tuition rates by a whopping 20% and promising a guarantee of graduation after 4 years. The program has been dubbed “The Ohio Northern Promise,” and at a news conference at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus college officials released the details...Continue reading »

It used to be that online colleges were something people scoffed at, as if they were not real institutions of higher learning. For some of the online...Continue reading »

College is something that not only grants someone valuable education experience that will potentially set them up for a future career, but it is also something that requires a significant financial investment that for many manifests as student loan debt. So, for college recruiters trying to sell the college experience, the question is, “What are they really selling?...Continue reading »

The significant value of philosophy is utilizing reasoning as a method of rational inquiry. Being defined as the study of general and fundamental problems,...Continue reading »

Social Science generally refers to the study of academic disciplines associated with the society and human nature. Social Science programs are designed...Continue reading »