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You might have one of the most powerful smartphone models in the market today but if its battery gets drained then it’s nothing more than a paperweight....Continue reading »

A new security vulnerability has been in the limelight these past few days as it affects most of the online services. The Heartbleed bug can allows hackers...Continue reading »

The time to say goodbye has finally arrived. Microsoft’s 12 year old operating system will no longer be officially supported by the company starting...Continue reading »

A lot of people are taking selfies lately since the photos can easily be shared in social networks. These photos are usually random and spontaneous however...Continue reading »

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector will be making a revolutionary change his coming summer as USB Type-C will be released. What’s so special about...Continue reading »

This coming April 8 Microsoft will finally be ending its support of Windows XP. Consumers will still be able to use this operating system after the said...Continue reading »

One of the best ways to connect to friends or get the latest news updates on everything under the sun is through social media. There is however a downside...Continue reading »

Wireless electricity is not a new concept as this was demonstrated over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla.  While this may seem like a solution to the problem...Continue reading »

Japan is known as the land of the samurai, sushi, walkman, Nintendo, and Honda just to name a few. It’s also known for creating some of the strangest...Continue reading »

Flappy Bird might be gone from the Google Play store and the Apple Appstore but that does not mean it won’t make a comeback. Game creator Dong Nguyen...Continue reading »