Mars One Now Accepting Volunteers For One Way Trip To Mars

Posted on Apr 23 2013 - 8:22pm by Chad Buenaflor

Are you the type of person seeking adventure? Do you love to travel to unexplored places? You might want to check out the call of Mars One, a Netherlands-based non-profit group, that’s starting to accept applications from people willing to travel to Mars and become the first human colonists of the Red Planet.


The group aims to create a reality TV show on the process of selecting the 24 astronauts that will be chosen to fly to Mars. The proceeds of the show will be used to fund the estimated US$6 billion mission. There will be four people who will travel to Mars on the first mission with an additional of four more members travelling every two years.

This is going to be a one way trip with the final list of astronauts to be chosen by 2015. The first departure to the Red Planet is scheduled on 2022 and will arrive 7 months later in 2023.

Interest for this project has been positive with 10,000 emails received from more than 100 countries all over the world voicing interest to become one of the colonists.

Interested individuals can head out over at the Mars One site to apply. Anyone 18 years old and above can apply via video with an application fee involved. The fee depends on what country you are residing at and ranges from $5 to $75. US residents are charged $38.

Applicants will have to submit a one minute video detailing why he or she should be chosen as one of the colonists of Mars. They are required to be physically and mentally fit and should be able to speak English.

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp said that their organization is in talks with SpaceX for possible use of an enlarged version of the Dragon capsule for use in the Mars mission. SpaceX isn’t new in the space technology scene as they company has already completed two commercial cargo missions to the International Space Station.

One of the biggest obstacles so far faced by the organization is funding for the project. Once funding is secured the project will be green lighted.

via mars-one