Mars One’s One-Way Mars Trip Applicant Selection Update: 1,058 candidates for phase 2

Posted on Jan 1 2014 - 9:48am by Harold Hisona

It started with over 200,000 people and now Mars One, the organization that aims to send small groups of astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars, has decided to narrow down the selection to only 1,058 individuals as of today. The chosen applicants will move on to the next phase that will likely be a decade-long, televised training and colonization mission.

Mars One has made the official announcement of the expedition in 2012, inviting anyone at the age of 18 and above to join the medley. The selection process started in 2013, amassing a purported 200,000 applicants in estimate.

Just recently, the organization has made the official announcement about the completion of first round with a total of 1,058 applicants who have passed the initial selection process and are now qualified to move on to the next phase. The first selection process included a short video from each applicant explicating their worth to be picked among the first Mars pioneers.

The next phase of the selection process is then expected to be tougher than the first as Mars One will utilize stricter criteria to pick the final set of candidates to comprise the four-person teams to begin heading to Mars by 2025.

As disclosed by pertinent sources, the second phase will comprise a long process of assessing and prototyping. Applicants in this stage will be examined for medical weaknesses and strengths. They are also expected to join in-depth interviews with the local selection committees.

The third phase of the selection process will be more on solo and team challenges with regional audience. In this stage, candidates will be tested to see how well they can endure possible occurrences in Mars. Reportedly, the number of qualified candidates will be reduced to groups of 20-40 people.

Finally, Mars One finalists will select the final qualified group to reach a global audience. In this phase, the finalists will be introduced to Mars-like environments. The selection of the few finalists that will likely be the first to step foot on the red planet Mars, will be made by audience worldwide.

While all these plans are seemed set, Mars One will still have to overcome potential impediments on its Mars expedition. As what John Spencer of the Space Tourism Society has said, Mars One still has to consider dealing with things like finances as well as rocket engine testing before making its Mars expedition happen in 2025 as programmed.

Mars One is Netherlands-based non-profit organization that aims to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by the year 2025 via a private spaceflight project led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp. Lansdorp was the one who made the official announcement of the plans for the Mars One expedition in May 2012.