Message in a bottle from Canada reaches Ireland shoreline

Posted on Oct 24 2012 - 10:50am by Harold Hisona

After a 4,000-kilometer voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, the 8-year old message in a bottle that set sail from Canada has finally reached a coastline in Ireland, ending up in the hands of a ten-year old Irish boy Oisin Millea, safe and intact.

Eight years ago, two French-Canadian teenagers had decided to write a note and place it in a bottle while on holiday in Gaspesie, at the Grande-Vallee part of Quebec. Driven by curiosity if anybody would find it, they sent the message while on their way along the St. Lawrence River. The idea came to these girls after seeing a comparable passage on television, but they never thought it would end up to such a momentous discovery of today.

Oisin Millea, a ten-year old boy found that bottle containing the note last Thursday just off the beach close to his home situated in a small fishing village of Passage East, southeast coast of Ireland. The bottle surfaced after high tides left the beach dispersed with litter from the sea. Oisin found it while out playing with friends.

Inside the two-liter green bottle was a note dated June 4th, 2004, perfectly preserved and bone dry. Written in French, the message tells how the girls spent their holidays at the Grande Vallee region of Quebec. The girls also imprinted their first names on it but not their surnames.

Unable to understand a word of it, Oisin used the Internet to translate the message for him. With the name, date and email address provided in the note, he began to trace the senders. The email address no longer worked though.

Determined to resolve the secret behind his discovery, Oisin carry on his search with the use of contemporary machinery.

Identities of the message’s senders were successfully revealed by means of new technology, including television, a print and social media campaign. The senders were tracked down on Tuesday, as Charlaine Dalpe and Claudia Garneau, who are now 20 years old in Montreal. The two of them purportedly remained friends until now.

Charlaine and Claudia were able to chat with Oisin thru Skype yesterday, wherein he showed the bottle and the note they set sail eight years ago.

Both women are excited at Oisin’s discovery and said they are eager to visit Passage East and personally see how their message in a bottle ended up.

Meanwhile, Oisin’s family said they had been inundated with calls from global newspapers and radio stations, after the schoolboy’s discovery was disclosed. Surprisingly, such timeworn “hollow deed” turned out to be a big story of today, capturing thoughts of the global public.

Source: Independent

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