Middle East outrage over anti-Muslim film proliferates, condemned

Posted on Sep 16 2012 - 1:31pm by Harold Hisona

Violence and protests across the Middle East over an anti-Muslim film called ‘Innocence of Muslims’ persist. The US embassy in Cairo as well as the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was fiercely assaulted. Four Americans were killed, including Mr Chris Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya. All of which are occurrences inflicted by the ongoing Muslim outrage in the Arab countries against the US.

So far, clashes over the controversial video have spread to over 20 countries in the Middle East and have further stretched in Africa and some parts of Southeast Asia.

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton purportedly talked to the leading officials from seven countries including the president of Somalia, the prime minister of Libya, and the foreign ministers of Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Britain and France, regarding the situation.

Relevant reports said the US secretary of state has appealed to the leaders, for them to draw a line at the ongoing outrage. Ms Clinton then has brought up the significance of bringing the consulate assaulters to justice.

In line with this, the Libyan prime minister, Mustafa Abushagur has guaranteed the attackers would certainly be brought to justice. In fact, the Libyan government is already starting to take action on the matter, the prime minister noted.

Ms Clinton also extended her gratitude to the Turks, Saudis and the Egyptians who condemn the present violence and appreciated them for not joining the outrage. While many Muslims deemed the film offensive and reprehensive, there are still some who are open-minded enough to comprehend this “cannot be used as justification for violence.”

Alarmed with the present situation, travel warnings were immediately issued by the state government.

Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs yesterday has barred all Irish people from travelling to Libya. Extreme cautions are also noted for those who are already in the distressed country.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama, in his weekly radio address also paid tribute to the American casualties in Benghazi. Like the others, he justly condemned the subsequent anti-US protests in the Middle East.

Moreover, Australia’s PM Julia Gillard told Brisbane reporters yesterday that she too, denounced the present ferocity in the Middle East. She said while the US-made anti-Islam film is apparently ‘repulsive’, it is definitely not an excuse for such violent actions, according to a report from Big Pond News on Sunday.

On Saturday, fierce protests sparked outside the US consulate, inflicting injury to six police officers.

The controversial movie “Innocence of Muslims” was made in the United States. It is an amateurish, obscure movie purportedly written by a 55-year old Egyptian-American Coptic Christian named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. The film depicts the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a womaniser, a paedophile and a fraud. The anti-Islamic nature of this film eventually triggers violent behaviors across the Arab world in the recent days. Demonstrations and protests are eyeing on the US institutions in the Middle East as prime target.

Sources: Guardian | BigPond News

  • Moon Fimbres

    Look, its like this. There are intelligent “Muslims” in the world today who are loving all this anti america, brittain, Israel, France, Spain etc (not many countries left they dont like) because they want islam to dominate the world and its happening. Just look at parts of Great Brittain some areas totally Muslim. Its a self imposed Apartheid.