Mitsubishi Mirage made available in the Philippine market, price starts at P498,000

Posted on Nov 22 2012 - 10:37pm by Harold Hisona

Japanese car-maker, Mitsubishi, launches its new small-car model in the Philippines in the form of Mitsubishi Mirage, starting Friday. For the company, it is a test launch because the country widely dominated by Honda and Toyota. However, it seems like it has seen something different in its campaign to extend its market in the Southeast Asia.

In a press meeting held in Pasay City, Mr. Osamu Masuko, president of Mitsubishi Motor, said that their goal is to sell 500 units of their Mirage model, but will take some effort to occupy bigger market in the future.

The Mirage model, which is manufactured in Thailand, costs between P498,000 and P638,000, a price range that the Japanese car-maker believes to be just right for Filipino small car fans and buyers.

Over 2,500 units have already been sold from the time the model has been made available at the Philippine International Motorshow in August. Apparently, the company’s campaign in this region was successful. The Philippines is slowly progressing but more people want to buy cars for family and work use. This pushed Mitsubishi to have the small car model launched in the Philippines, according to its company official.

Mr. Masuko mentioned that the production of Mirage in their new factory in Thailand have started since April this year. In addition, they have also supplied Brunei and Indonesia with Mirage model. After its launching in the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Europe and North America will be the next target market.

Small cars are currently being warmly welcomed by Filipinos for the reason that their price ranges are low and many can afford the mortgage. In this category, Mitsubishi Mirage will be competing with Hyundai i10, Suzuki Selerio, Toyota Yaris and even Honda Jazz.

Despite Mirage’s unprecedented success in the Philippines, the company has no plan of manufacturing the model in the country as of the moment. However, the company aimed to produce latest models in the Philippines in the near future. In fact, Mitsubishi is planning to bring in more of its new models next year as car demand is notably increasing.

In a bid to make an impression and perhaps garner support from the people, Mr. Masuko said that Mitsubishi is planning to manufacturer electric cars and be distributed in the country. However, everything depends on the stability of the market in the country. The moment the market for Mitsubishi models in the Philippines become stable, production for the new models will follow.

Mr. Masuko added that the one factor for the plan to be made possible is its dealerships in the Philippines.