School Ranking: Top Ten Colleges and Universities with Most Students in Fraternities

Posted on Dec 4 2012 - 4:51am by Harold Hisona

A fraternity is composed of male members grouped together with common interests. They build relationships with each other, and majority of the members are students.  At least, that’s the very essence of brotherhood. But in the world where influence can almost determine a man’s destiny, fraternity may be an option every male student should consider.

Here are the top ten colleges and universities with the highest percentage of male undergraduates who are in fraternities, for school year 2011- 2012.

1. Welch College is a private four-year institution founded in 1942, offering 40 programs. It was formerly known as the Free Will Baptist Bible College with overall 290 enrolled students, in which 54% are male. This institution is on the lead in terms of the number of fraternity members, with 98% of its male students in fraternities, according to the recent survey.

2. Lyon College is Arkansas’ oldest independent college that was founded in 1872. It is categorized as an undergraduate liberal arts college and an independent residential institution, utilizing a semester-based calendar. A total of 600 students are currently enrolled in this institution, wherein forty-six percent of the total enrollees are males. Being on the second rank, it recorded 92% of its male students who are in fraternities.

3. Washington and Lee University is a private liberal institution founded in 1749, situated in Lexington, Virginia, United States. In the current academic year, 51% of its 1,790 undergraduate students are male. It occupies the third spot in the recent survey with 86% students, joining in fraternities.

4. Sewanee–University of the South is a private coeducational institution founded in 1857 and is on rank number four. The institution is currently having a total of 1,477 students, in which 49% are male. Eighty-one (81) percent of its male student population is currently involved in fraternity groups.

5. DePauw University is a private, national liberal institution and School of Music in Greencastle, Indiana, USA, founded in 1837. It has 2,352 enrolled students and 44% of which are males. It ranked number five in the recent survey with a percentage point of 76.

6. Millsaps College founded in 1890, is a private liberal institution in Jackson, MS. Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, 910 students are enrolled in this institution. Fifty-one percent of its total population is male students. It has an overall percentage point of 60, making it placed sixth in the survey’s ranking.

6. York College is also ranked number six in terms of fraternity members, with a percentage point of 60. It is private liberal institution founded in 1890 with total enrolled students of 510 counts. Fifty-four percent of its student population is comprised of males.

7. Wabash College was founded in 1832. It is a private liberal institution for men located in Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA. It has a total enrolled student of 910, in which 52% of these numbers are in fraternities. It ranked number seven in the current survey.

8. Transylvania University is a private American institution founded in 1780. It currently has a total of 1,029 enrolled students, wherein 40 percent are male. Fifty percent of its male student population is in fraternities, making the institution fill the number eight rank in the survey.

9. Dartmouth College was founded in 1769, a private institution with 4,194 enrolled students. 51% of those are male, and 48% are in fraternities. It ranked number 9 in the recent survey.

10. Albion College was founded in 1835. It is a private institution located in the state of Michigan, known as the first to have a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Fifty-one percent of its enrolled students are male, and 47% of them are in fraternities. With this percentage rate, Albion College ranked number 10 in the latest survey.